The “history” of NV-Group of companies is starting from the springtime 2011.  Company´s key personnel have been working since 2004 in this same branch:  “delivery of yard services to European shipyard and offshore industry”. They have had substantial activity in this field during the last years and they have been operating e.g. in following countries: Norway, Poland, Finland, France, Romania and Russia together with more than several hundred co-workers.

The most of company´s management members, project managers, supervisors and blue collar employees have been working in the branch with long track records in Norwegian and European shipbuilding and offshore related industry.

The company have developed a huge database of experience candidates: almost 4.000 persons. Our HR-specialist have recruited over 700 workers and 50 engineers in past 15 years only for Norwegian market and about the same number of professionals to other European countries. Recruitment consultants are highly qualified, experienced and trained in complete recruitment cycle. More than 8 years experience in recruitment processes for shipbuilding and offshore industry in Norway, Finland, France, Romania, Russia and Poland.

NV Service North AS today

NV Service North AS is employing employees with standard Norwegian employment contracts for company´s projects in Norway (mainly fixed price subcontracts). The company has been running projects also in Poland, where the company has been engaging several hundreds co-worker